K9 Prep School – Indianapolis, Indiana’s
new and fresh approach to dog training!

We believe the best way to get a well-mannered canine friend is by meeting the unique needs of each dog and dog owner team. Our graduates are equipped with information and dog training techniques to develop a compliant and enthusiastic canine companion. This is accomplished by:

Kristi practices her dog training skills
Kristi & Max practice attention heeling. Training in public areas where you take your dog is a natural next-step after your dog has a good grasp of the commands. You can begin to apply the information and techniques you learned to address behavioral issues while you are in public.

Educating You on Dog Training Fundamentals

  • Understand how your dog learns
  • Effectively communicate with your dog
  • Read your dog
  • Properly motivate your dog

Building Your Dog Training Capabilities

  • Instruction on 10 essential obedience commands
  • In-depth explanation of the “How’s” and “Why’s” of each command
  • Prepare you and your dog for advanced training
  • Measurable results to track progress

Applying Your Dog Training Skills

  • Achieve your dog training objectives
  • Shape behaviors you desire from your dog
  • Troubleshoot your dog’s behavior issues
  • Prepare for AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluation


All subjects are taught either in the comfort and convenience of your own home or at a location that best meets the needs of you and your dog. You spend over 90% of the time with your dog at home. For a variety of reasons, problem behaviors that occur in the home frequently cannot be recreated in the setting of a group class.

In addition, early dog training needs to occur in a low stress environment to maximize learning and comprehension. As you and your dog master the obedience essential exercises, a gradual increase of distractions will be applied to ensure compliance in real-world situations. The location of your classes will be determined to best fit the skill level of your dog.

*Call 317-709-4155 or email john@k9prepschool.com for more information or to schedule a free no obligation Consultation.
There may be a charge for travel exceeding 15 miles from Carmel, IN.