Together we will lay the groundwork for a fun, successful future with your dog. At the consultation, we will assess your dog’s behavior, develop an action plan, and practice three exercises that will get you and your dog ready for future lessons.


Behavior Assessment

  • Observe and discuss your dog’s behavior
  • Identify the possible root cause(s) for unwanted behavior
  • Conduct a preliminary AKC Canine Good Citizen test

Goal & Plan Development

  • Define the behaviors that you want your dog to start, stop, and continue doing
  • Decide on observable criteria to evaluate progress
  • Review core obedience exercises
  • Cover training methods
  • Examine training equipment options
  • Discuss schedule and costs

Intro to Foundation Exercises

  • Get your dog’s attention & engagement
  • Shape behaviors
  • Help your dog with impulse control


  • The price for the consultation is $40
  • The price remains the same regardless of number of dogs in the household
  • Consultations last approximately one hour and fifteen minutes

Call 317-709-4155 or email for more information or to schedule a consultation.
The consultation is offered only within the K9 Prep School service area.