Our Mission

Our goal is to help reduce the number of abandoned, surrendered or neglected household dogs. We strive to encourage dog owners to take an active role in their dogs training. To accomplish this, we equip dog owners with the information and training techniques needed to develop a compliant and enthusiastic canine companion. The end result is an enhanced bond between dog owners and their dogs.
“High-Five for my Forever Home.”

Beyond Basic Obedience

To achieve our mission, we go beyond simply training your dog to do obedience commands. We attempt to educate dog owners on:

  • The basics of operant & classical conditioning
  • A wide variety of dog training techniques
  • Building comprehension of each obedience exercise
  • Applying obedience commands to address or prevent behavioral issues

Addressing Needs of Dog & Pet Parent

Instead of dictating a certain approach, we help pet owners make informed decisions on the use of training methods, equipment, goals, etc. The combination of these and other factors results in customized training solutions.

*Call 317-709-4155 or email john@k9prepschool.com for more information or to schedule a free no obligation Consultation.
There may be a charge for travel exceeding 15 miles from Carmel, IN.